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About Innovative Energy, Inc.

For more than three decades, Innovative Energy (I.E.) has been a leader in delivering high-performance reflective insulation products to a growing market of energy-conserving industries. I.E.'s extensive array of insulation materials meets the requirements of a wide range of applications, such as building products, insulated packaging, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) materials and do-it-yourself solutions.

Expert Team

Innovative Energy Inc. is second to none in providing solutions and expert, helpful service that benefit users of reflective technology products. We handle every inquiry with personal attention because your business is important to us. Our expert team is ready to advise you on your specific application needs and to offer technical knowledge to answer any questions you may have.

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Superior Products

Innovative Energy offers high-performing insulation products featuring energy-efficient radiant thermal technology.

astro Shield R HEATSHIELD Tuff Stuff Insulation Insul Tote Insulation Ultra Duct Insulation
Garage Door Insulation Water Heater Insulation

The company's leading product, AstroShield (an improved version of the product previously known as ASTRO-FOIL), features a new metalized aluminum surface and combines a vapor barrier, an air infiltration barrier and reflective insulation all in one. It consists of two compact layers of polyethylene air-bubble pockets sandwiched between metalized aluminum film and is ideal for use in metal and post-frame buildings, garages, garage doors and more.

I.E.'s radiant barrier product line extends the utility of thermal performance in areas such as attics and crawl spaces by improving the efficiency of existing insulation. R+HEATSHIELD is effective in controlling temperature and eliminating moisture problems.

The InsulTote line of packaging products offers solutions for customers in the food, floral and medical supply industries. The outstanding thermal performance of our boxes, pouches, bags and other protective packaging means your temperature - sensitive products deliver safely. Most insulated packaging is big and bulky - but not InsulTote. Our compact sizes mean customers benefit from reductions in shipping costs, warehouse labor and storage space.

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About the Owners

In 1978, Bob and Mary Wadsworth began their quest to develop energy-conserving products through radiant technology. Their first project was building a two-story greenhouse on the back of their old farmhouse. It was the first successful year-round solar greenhouse (no energy source other than the sun) in that latitude. They discovered that reflective insulation materials in the sidewalls and ceiling did a much better job of holding the heat that was collected in the winter than mass insulation products did. This experience led them to develop reflective insulation and radiant barrier materials that utilized this technology. Products were marketed initially to industrial and agricultural building customers.

In 1980, Innovative Energy Inc. was formed. Shortly thereafter, the company developed a perforated radiant barrier that could be laid directly on top of mass insulation in attic spaces, providing a practical energy-saving solution for homeowners that they could easily install themselves.

Six years later, I.E. introduced ASTRO-FOIL reflective insulation products worldwide. In 1988, the company introduced a reflective insulated air conditioning duct system, now known as UltraDuct, for the recreational vehicle industry. Other key products developed over the years include AstroShield, R+HEATSHIELD, TUFF-STUFF and InsulTote.

In 1995, I.E. expanded its operations to a plant in Lowell, Indiana, to further position the company to meet growing customer demand. Innovative Energy continues to market high-performing quality products and actively seeks new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.