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HVAC Duct Insulation

Enhances Thermal Performance by Reflecting 95 Percent of Radiant Heat.

Astro-Safe is made from lofted non-woven polyester laminated with either one or two reflective metalized surfaces. When wrapped around the exterior of HVAC ducts, it enhances thermal performance by reflecting as much as 94 percent of radiant heat. Its top fire rating makes ASTRO-SAFE one of the safest forms of duct insulation on the market.

Product Features

  • Can yield a thermal resistance of R-8 around HVAC ducts
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rating as per ASTM E84-10
  • Minimizes the risk of condensation
  • Greatly reduces operating noise transfer
  • Safe and easy to install; no special tools required
  • Improves interior comfort

Astro-Safe Technical Information

Physical Property

Test Method


Thermal Resistance ASTM C335 R-8 *
Reflectivity ASTM C1371 94 percent
Emissivity ASTM C1371 6 percent
Flame Spread ASTM E84-10 0
Smoke Developed ASTM E84-10 5

* Achieved using 1"" foam spacers.

Astro-Safe Installation Instructions

  1. Position 1" foam spacers along the corners of the duct. The additional airspace will increase resistance to heat loss or gain.
  2. Begin wrapping ASTRO-SAFE around the duct starting at the midway point of the right side of the duct. Proceed counter clockwise.
  3. Position a 1" foam spacer in the center of the duct on top of the first layer of insulation. Once at the starting point, extend ASTRO-SAFE to create a second layer along the top of the duct. Extend this second layer over the foam spacer to the midway point of the left side of the duct.
  4. Tape all seams and butt-joints using reflective tape. Repeat the above steps for the entire length of the duct, until its surface is fully enclosed.