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Reflective Insulation

Improves Interior Comfort

AstroShield, an improved version of the product previously known as Astro Foil insulation, is a line of reflective insulation featuring Polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two protective sheets, one or both of which are composed of a strong metalized aluminum polyester film. This Foil Insulation film provides a reflective surface that blocks up to 95 percent of radiant heat, dramatically improving thermal performance and energy efficiency while keeping energy costs lower and interior spaces more comfortable.

Mass insulations like fiberglass, cellulose and foam merely slow down the transfer of conductive heat by absorbing it; they do not reflect radiant heat away. Like a radiant barrier, reflective insulation is a highly effective barrier to the transfer of radiant heat. The middle layers of bubble film give the structure added strength and provide a thermal barrier against conductive heat transfer.

AstroShield Reflective Insulation Benefits

Benefits of AstroShield Reflective Insulation

  • Cuts energy consumption and costs
  • Improves interior comfort
  • Lightweight; easy and safe to install
  • Reduces condensation
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rating
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Available in numerous stock sizes
  • AstroShield II conforms to the requirements of the NFPA 286 full room burn test
  • We will ship stock items within 24 hours

Foil Bubble Wrap Product Line


AstroShield I One layer of bubble film between two sheets of metalized film.
AstroShield II Two layers of bubble film between two sheets of metalized film.
AstroShield White I One layer of bubble film with metalized aluminum film on one side and white sheet on the other for clean, streamlined matte appearance.
AstroShield White II Two layers of bubble film with metalized aluminum film on one side and white sheet for clean, streamlined, matte appearance on the other.

All the above products in the AstroShield line are available in the following versions:

Peel & Seal Easy peel-and-stick application; no need to nail, screw or tape down.
AstroShield Tab Edges of sheets have flexible 1/2 tabs; these convenient tabs make it easy to position and staple sheets between floor joists, studs and rafters. Standard widths of 16", 17", 24", 34" and 48". Custom sizes are available.
Garage Door Insulation Kit shields interior spaces from heat loss, lowering energy bills. Keeps garages cooler in hot weather.
Water Heater Insulation Jacket blocks heat loss from a water heater, making it more energy efficient.

AstroShield Applications

  • Industrial & Commercial: Metal Building Insulation
  • Home Insulation & Do-It-Yourself
  • Agricultural: Pole Barn Insulation
  • Automotive Foil Insulation
  • HVAC
  • OEM

Uses for Home Insulation or Commerical Insulation

Install AstroShield in or around:

  • exterior wall insulation in post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings
  • crawl spaces and attics
  • purlins and girts
  • bottom of trusses and exposed ceilings
  • HVAC ducts
  • garage doors and water heaters
  • any insulation need in space-constricted applications

AstroShield FAQs

Q: What types of applications are appropriate for AstroShield?

A: There are many applications for the building insulation industry (e.g., residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, metal building and pole barn). In addition, since our foil insulation is thin and lightweight, it's ideal for OEM applications to control temperatures in any space-constricted situation (such as in a recreational vehicle or inside machinery that requires temperature control in order to function properly). Used as an insulated packaging material, our products not only provide excellent thermal insulation performance for shipping or transporting temperature-sensitive items like food, candles and pharmaceuticals, they also help our customers save money on shipping and warehouse expenses because they are lightweight and less bulky than other forms of insulated packaging such as Styrofoam.

Q: What is the difference between AstroShield and AstroShield WHITE?

A: AstroShield has a reflective metalized aluminum film on both sides, and AstroShield White has one reflective side and one white side. For some applications, it's desirable to have just one foil reflective side. In addition, we offer versions of AstroShield and AstroShield White with one layer of bubble film or two layers of bubble film (double bubble insulation); the second layer of bubble film is associated with a higher R-Value.

Q: What is the R-value of AstroShield?

A: Using standard test methods and scientific model calculations, the R-value could be as high as an R-29 but will vary greatly depending upon the application and the direction of heat flow. R-value Calculations

Q: If you install two layers of AstroShield will you double the R-Value?

A: No. By placing two layers together, you will still have the same number of reflective foil surfaces. The only way to increase your R-Value is by adding another bubble layer.

Q: Why do I need an air space next to the AstroShield surface?

A: All Low E materials achieve the majority of their thermal insulation performance ONLY when they face an air space. "E" stands for emissivity, the converse of reflectivity. Low E surfaces like AstroShield, when facing an air space, will either reflect 95% of the heat that is directed to them across the air space, or they won't emit more than 5% of the heat that is conducted to them.

Q: Will AstroShield make a person itch as fiberglass insulation does?

A: No. AstroShield insulation is manufactured out of polyethylene film, air bubbles and metalized aluminum on polyester film. There are no irritants or fibers in our foil insulation. AstroShield can be installed without the hassles of protective clothing, masks or gloves.

Q: Do I need special tools to install AstroShield Foil Insulation?

A: No. AstroShield can be cut easily with a razor blade or scissors and installed with common staples, nails or screws.

Q: Do I need to tape the seams?

A: To achieve an absolute moisture barrier, taping the seams is recommended. Seams can be easily taped using our reflective aluminum tapes.

Q: All of the equipment in my metal building is getting damaged from condensation drips. Do you have a product that can help?

A: AstroShield Foil Insulation is perfect for metal building insulation and will reduce, if not stop, your condensation problem because it creates a buffer between interior and exterior temperatures.

Q: I am installing a radiant heat system in my new home. What Foil Insulation products should I use?

A: Staple the Tabbed version of AstroShield II in the joist cavity under your radiant flooring system to reduce hot spots, prevent downward heat loss, and decrease boiler loads. Install Tuff-Stuff under your concrete hydronic floor system to achieve a moisture barrier and thermal break. Check with your local building code officials to be sure your application meets code requirements.

AstroShield Insulation Standard Sizes

Roll Size Package Qty.
AstroShield II: MPET/Clear Bubble/Clear Bubble/MPET (5/16" thick)
16" x 50' 3 Rolls
24" x 50' 2 Rolls
48" x 50' 1 Roll
60" x 50' 1 Roll
72" x 50' 1 Roll
48" x 64' 1 Roll
72" x 64' 1 Roll
72" x 75' 1 Roll
48" x 100' 1 Roll
72" x 101' 1 Roll
16" x 125' 3 Rolls
24" x 125' 2 Rolls
48" x 125' 1 Roll
60" x 125' 1 Roll
72" x 125' 1 Roll
96" x 125' 1 Roll
AstroShield I: MPET/Bubble/MPET (3/16" thick)
48" x 125' 1 Roll
72" x 125' 1 Roll
AstroShield WHITE II: MPET/White Bubble/White Bubble/White (5/16" thick)
48" x 125' 1 Roll
72" x 125' 1 Roll
AstroShield WHITE I: MPET/Bubble/White (3/16" thick)
48" x 125' 1 Roll
72" x 125' 1 Roll
AstroShield II TABBED: MPET/White Bubble/White (3/16" thick)
16" x 32' 9 Rolls
17" x 32' 9 Rolls
16" x 50' 3 Rolls
17" x 50' 3 Rolls
24" x 50' 2 Rolls
16" x 125' 3 Rolls
17" x 125' 3 Rolls
24" x 125' 2 Rolls

AstroShield Bubble Wrap Insulation Technical Info


AstroShield II

AstroShield I

Thickness 5/16' Nominal (8mm) 3/16' Nominal (6.35mm)
Weight 1.25 oz. per sq. ft. (382 g/m2) .811 oz. per sq. ft. (207 g/m2)
Flame Spread
ASTM E-84-81A
<25 Flame/ <50 Smoke <25 Flame/ <50 Smoke
Fire Rating Class A/Class1 Class A/Class 1
Linear Shrinkage None None
Puncture Resistance 9.67 Average PSI 8.09 Average PSI
R-Value* 14 (Down) 8 (Horiz.) 6 (Up) 14(Down) 8(Horiz.) 5 (Up)
Emittance C1371 0.06-0.07 0.06-0.07
Reflectance 0.93-0.94 0.93-0.94
Degradation 0 0
U-Value (Btu/ft. 2hro F) 0.071 (down) 0.125 (Horiz.) 0.166 (Up) 0.071 (down) 0.125 (Horiz.) 0.201 (Up)
Water Transmission Rate ASTME96 0.005 0.025
Fungi Resistant    

* R-Values for AstroShield Reflective Insulation have been calculated for nominal 2 by 4 inch wood-frame wall assemblies described in ASTM STP 116. For complete details regarding methodology, contact your nearest Innovative Energy Sales Office. AstroShield's ability to reflect heat in open applications is not fully measured by this test. It's that extra reflective capability that makes it possible for AstroShield Foil Insulation to keep people and animals comfortable all year long.

WARNING: Reflective bubble-pack insulation will ignite if exposed to fire or sufficient heat and intensity. Protect insulation from exposure to open flame or other ignition sources during shipping, storage and installation.

The manufacturer believes this information and recommendations herein to be accurate and reliable. However, since use conditions are not within its control, the manufacturer does not guarantee results from use of such products or other information herein and disclaims all liability from any resulting damage or loss. NO WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, IS GIVEN AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHERWISE WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS REFERRED TO. Freedom from patents of PACTIV or others is not to be inferred.

How to Install Reflective Insulation

  1. AstroShield works best when there is a 3/4" air space on each side of the insulation. (Larger air space is fine but a smaller one reduces its thermal effectiveness.)
  2. AstroShield Reflective Insulation should always be installed on the inside of the structure.
  3. AstroShield will not cure existing problems. Leaking roofs, rot or mold situations or other moisture or structural problems should be corrected before installation.
  4. Any deteriorated wiring should be replaced prior to installing AstroShield.
  5. AstroShield should be at least 3' from any heat producing fixtures, chimneys, blowers, etc. NEVER install AstroShield directly above lighting or other heat producing devices.
  6. Always turn off all electricity in the area when installing AstroShield Foil Insulation.

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