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Thermal Insulation

Cutting-Edge Reflective Technology

Astro-Therm thermal insulation is the latest in cutting-edge reflective technology. Innovative Energy developed this unique 8-layer design in order to achieve higher thermal performance in building applications.

As much as 95% of radiant heat can be blocked, making Astro-Therm ideal for a variety of different installations including Residential, Agricultural, Do-It-Yourself, Commercial, Automotive, Industrial, OEM, and more. Astro-Therm works great for any new or retro-fit application.

Product Features

  • Reduces Building Condensation
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Improves Building Envelope Performance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 4' x 125' Rolls
  • Astro-Therm Description

    Four layers of 1/16" polypropylene foam sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene film, which is laminated to a highly relective surface. Available in 4' x 125' rolls.

    Astro-Therm Specifications



    Flame Spread
    ASTME 84-08
    Smoke Developed
    ASTME 84-08
    < 25
    ASTME 1371
    ASTME 1371
    Working Temp.
    -65 to +165
    Weight 26 lbs/125 sq. ft. (nominal)
    Thickness 1/4" (nominal)

    Astro-Therm Installation Instructions

    Pre-Engineered Metal and Post-Frame Applications

    Vertical Installation in Walls

    1. Measure the length to be applied and then cut a similar length of Astro-Therm, adding an inch or two to assure complete coverage at top and bottom.
    2. At corners, wrap around the corner and continue vertical installation.
    3. Cut a second length and position next to the first length.
    4. Butt sides evenly together or slightly overlap. Tape all seams.

    Horizontal Installation in Walls

    1. Snap a line across the entire wall length to establish a straight edge.
    2. Measure the length to be applied from corner to corner, allowing an additional amount of overlapping.
    3. Starting at the bottom of the wall, overlap the foundation approximately 3", keeping the top edge parallel to the snap line.
    4. Wrap around the corner and staple or tape in place.
    5. Install the next length parallel to the first length, overlapping the first layer 2". Tape all seams.

    Installation in Roofs

    1. Starting at the end of the roofing framework, measure the length across the trusses, adding enough to allow hang at both ends.
    2. Cut the first piece and lay in place.
    3. Pull tight from both ends and attach to trusses and purlins using self-tapping screws and washers or with pressure-sensitive reflective tape.
    4. Cut the second length, laying parallel to first. Make sure to butt or slightly overlap edges. Tape all seams.