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Thermal Moisture Barrier

Excellent Moisture Barrier Under Concrete.

Tuff-Stuff provides an absolute moisture barrier and effective insulation under concrete slabs. This insulation is made up of two layers of high-strength polyethylene bubble film, giving it superior puncture-resistance; it's tough enough to walk on. Tuff-Stuff is not only easy to install, it also offers labor and material savings because it is an all-in-one radon vapor barrier and insulation product. Perfect for resisting moisture and minimizing heat loss through slabs.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces downward heat flow by more than 50 percent
  • Superior tear and puncture resistance with >500 PSI
  • Lightweight and pliable; easy and safe to install
  • Excellent moisture barrier under concrete
  • Enhances performance of entire insulation system
  • Acts as a radon gas barrier

Tuff Stuff Industry Applications

  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Residential & Do-It-Yourself
  • Agricultural

Tuff Stuff Installation Information

Install Tuff Stuff under heated or unheated concrete slabs.

Typical Slab-On-Grade Installation
Typical Heated Slab Cross Section

This illustration is meant to show typical construction method and may or may not meet local code requirements. Local building and mechanical codes always take precedence

Tuff Stuff Technical Information


Tuff Stuff

Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96; 0.002
Puncture Resistance ASTM F1306*; >500 PSI
System Thermal Resistance ASTM C518; R-1.16
Compression ASTM D1621; 101 psf/10% compression
Pliability ASTM C1224; Passes
Bleeding & Delamination ASTM C1224; Passes
Insect and Fungi Resistant ASTM C1338; No growth

* Puncture resistance reported was measured using a 1/8" probe and follows ASTM Standard F1306 "Slow Rate Penetration for Flexible Barriers".